About me

My blog is my happy place. When work, family or general life obligations start to overwhelm me, I escape here. It provides me with a place to practice my writing skills and express myself unrestrained.

Like many here, I’m an aspiring writer. Unfortunately, I suffer from a perpetual case of writer’s block. By committing myself to a writing blog, I can hopefully force myself to sit still long enough to create something.

I have an insatiable sense of wanderlust and passionate curiosity, both of which I’ll get to feed here. I’ve enjoyed meeting other writers, and happily accept feedback from fellow bloggers. I’m thrilled to think there’s someone out there – anyone – who finds my posts worthwhile reading.

If you’re reading this, feel free to comment, or to just even like. I’ll likely comment back, and then follow you (I’m not a stalker, promise).


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