You Like Me, You Really Like Me!

While I’m not about to quit my day job, I’ve been able to crank out a few pieces that editors have been able to stomach.

So far, I’ve had a few short stories printed in Gonzo Today, a (fantastic) online publication promoting new journalism (AKA gonzo journalism). I’ve also been a contributor to ‘The Absurd JUST Coloring Book for Adults: Feral Fairy Tales,’ and had a smattering of writings published elsewhere.

So in the name of shameless self-promotion:

Crawdads (First Place Prose Winner: Gonzofest Literary Contest 2015):

“We met up just after dark at Mudbugs, a backwoods crawfish joint in Leesville, Louisiana, itself a half-dead cluster of pawn shops and dollar stores that owes its existence to nearby Fort Polk. I pulled in early and hung outside, chain-smoking and listening to some reptile or another croak in the woods past the gravel parking lot.” … Read More

The Pickup (Gonzo Today, May 2015)

“The redhead sat at the darkened end of the bar nursing a rum and Coke. Young men and women filled the room behind her, shooting darts and playing pool, mixing, mingling and pairing off. A constant cloud of sawdust hung in the air. From the jukebox, Garth Brooks sang about friends in low places.” … Read more

God Bless Margaret Sanger (Gonzo Today, October 2015)

“It was a beautiful day in Salinas, California. The air was cool but not cold. Red and gold leaves, at the peak of their color, still clung  to their branches, and he could smell the freshly harvested vegetables as he passed the market. The school principal started the day in an appropriately cheerful mood. Entering his office, he hung his hat, cracked the window and turned on the radio, whistling along with Glenn Miller as he planned the day ahead.” … Read more

The Short, Bitter Tale of Brother Roscoe (Gonzo Today, May 2016)

“The boat sat anchored, barely visible from shore. On its deck a minister stood unsteadily and studied his surroundings – rain drizzled from above while agitated waves slapped the hull. Fins sliced through the swells nearby.” …  Read more

Journal of I.B. Spider (‘The Absurd JUST Coloring Book for Adults: Feral Fairy Tales)

5:30 a.m. – Finished packing, making final checks on equipment and supplies. The sherpas are waiting. My wife is crying; she doesn’t believe I’ll make it back alive. She keeps asking why I have to climb that damned water spout. Why? Simple. Because it’s there.” … Order Book






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