The Wasp

Edgar lay paralyzed on the rainforest floor; the wasp’s poison worked quickly.

He had separated from his group not half an hour before. University researchers, they entered the jungle searching for new species. Frustrated with the group’s slow pace, he split off in a different direction, agreeing to meet everyone else at a prearranged point. Arrogance, he thought. It was a trait that served him well at the school, but would likely prove to be his death here.

His back still throbbed from the sting. The wasp, which Edgar guessed was about as long as his hand, landed low on his back and drove its stinger through his clothes and into deep into the flesh, just above the beltline.

Flat on his back, his eyes staring unfocused at the canopy above, Edgar took stock of his situation. The rainforest floor was damp, and he could feel the wetness soaking through his clothes. The end of a broken stick jabbed into his right leg. A fern of some type brushed against his cheek. Demanding Edgar’s immediate attention, though, was the weight of the wasp crawling on top of him – He guessed that she was preparing to deposit her eggs in his abdomen. There would be about a hundred of them, and within two, maybe three days they would hatch and release voraciously hungry larvae.

Two or three days, if he lived that long. Depending on the weather, he could die of exposure. Any number of carnivorous predators lurked in the rainforest. The wasp’s poison could shut down his lungs or heart. If he was lucky enough to survive, the larvae would eat him alive from the inside.

Of course, his team could find him, but the odds against that would be almost immeasurable. He didn’t entertain that thought.

He concentrated and in turn he tried moving his extremities – first his right arm, then his left, then the legs. Nothing. Then his hands and feet. Again, nothing. Fingers, toes… Nada.

He became aware that the crawling on his stomach stopped. He could hear the tearing of his shirt before he felt the pressure, then the ripping of his skin. He tried to force a scream, but was unable. He could only feel the wasp’s backside push down into his body, then start pumping its eggs inside him.

So this is what it’s like to be raped.


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One Response to The Wasp

  1. ellenbest24 says:

    Very strong read, gruesome descriptions. As an Annaphylactic myself this would have been the death of me, as a scaredy cat I would have died on the spot at the sight of a giant rainforest wasp.
    The post script was an interesting interpretation of the occurrence. Keep the reads coming you definitely made it come alive. Thank you.


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