Tina filled two glasses with Sangria. She handed one to her guest, then leaned back against the refrigerator as she gulped the other.

“So I’m walking down the sidewalk last summer and this drunk staggers up, grabs my shoulder and tells me he loves me. Of course I kicked his ass – broke his arm, left him lying in some bushes.” She fished a chunk of apple from her glass and sucked on it. “The next weekend I’m out bar-hopping with some friends when this guy walks up to me; he’s sober this time, but he’s got a black eye, a cast on his arm and a bunch of scratches all over his arms. And he offers to buy me a drink if I promise not to beat him up again. I mean, he had to have some massive balls to come up to me and ask like that, so of course I let him. He turned out to be pretty cool; even let me sign his cast. I think I knew, even then.” Tina glanced over into the living room, where Tommy sat playing video games. She smiled and unconsciously played with her engagement ring. “It’s been rough at times, but at least it’s not boring.”


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