Frustrating as Hell

The Fates and Furies are doing everything in their power to keep me away from my keyboard.

Working on a short story, I’ve committed myself to writing daily, come hell or high water. But then reality intrudes. Last night, an office party for a departing co-worker keeps me out till bedtime (at my age, one doesn’t screw around with one’s sleep schedule). Tonight, it was the kids’ choir performance that kept me out till after dark (they were great, though…). At this point, the best I’ve been able to do is to squeeze out a few minutes each morning before work. On a good day, I can knock out 100-150 decent words in the ten minutes it takes for my car to warm up. At this rate I’ll finish my story sometime after the next presidential election.

Does anyone else have trouble finding time to write?


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One Response to Frustrating as Hell

  1. ellenbest24 says:

    If I could spend fifteen minutes having a cup of tea, I now have it at my keyboard. Instead of television I have a solid two hours before bed to write either next to my husband ( sort of keeping him company) on the sofa with my laptop. Or note book and pencil in the bath. The time it takes to use the toilet is time my android comes in handy. Voice recorder on my phone can produce good stuff too. I am known for jotting notes in the closet at parties, when someone makes a hilarious statement it’s taken down. Yes we have to make time.


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